Rep. Meadows Calls For Special Prosector To Look Into Trump Dossier [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Republican Rep. Mark Meadows reiterated his call for a special prosecutor to look into the Trump dossier during a Thursday morning interview on Fox News.


Meadows argued that a special prosecutor would be necessary to look into the dossier because Robert Mueller and Attorney General Jeff Sessions both have conflicts of interest.

“The Democrats will cry foul the minute that Jeff Sessions gets involved,” he explained. “Actually, [Mueller] was the director of the FBI when the whole Uranium One issue came up, and so there is some suggestion that he would be biased in that.”

“We ought to take Hillary Clinton’s own words — she said it’s all about the rule of law, and indeed it is,” Meadows said. “So having a special independent counsel could do two things: one, we could start to get some answers.”

Meadows noted that not only did Clinton and the DNC hired a law firm, Perkins Coie, to contract with Fusion GPS to create the dossier, but the Obama campaign had also paid $900,000 to the same firm. Additionally, the FBI reimbursed Christopher Steele for his work in putting together the dossier.

“Lady Justice has a blindfold, Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be above the law,” he concluded.

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