Someone Made Tomi Lahren’s Monologues Into An ’80s Song, And It’s Glorious [VIDEO]

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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An outfit called Super Deluxe, which describes itself as “an entertainment studio based in downtown Los Angeles,” answered the question no one knew to ask — what would it sound like if you took some of the more entertaining, provocative and crazy things former Blaze TV host and current Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren said and set them to ’80s music. The result is 2:41 of hilarity.

Lahren actually said all of the words in the song, but they were sung by Maria Sable and set to music by Nick Lutsko.

The reaction to the video was immediate.

Super Deluxe has made the song available for download for free.

The song has been played almost half a million times since it was posted.