Former Clinton Aide Says It’s ‘Height Of Cynicism’ To ‘Weaponize’ Sexual Harassment — Immediately Brings Up Access Hollywood Tape [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Jennifer Palmieri, the former director of communications for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, hilariously contradicted herself during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” Friday.


Palmieri, in reference to President Trump tweeting about Sen. Al Franken’s alleged sexual misconduct, said, “It’s the–it’s like a weaponization, political weaponization of sexual harassment. And it’s just the height of cynicism and it’s not–honestly, that’s what I would expect from Donald Trump. And it’s what you expect from Sean Hannity. But it’s not just them. It’s Mitch McConnell, who was very quick to call for an ethics investigation of Senator Franken, which is an appropriate thing to do, but he was not sincere in doing that, he was doing that to try to put Democrats…”

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace added, “But he also–Mitch McConnell is interesting because he also was the first big national Republican figure to say these words, ‘I believe the women about Roy Moore’s accusers.'”

Palmieri, right after attacking Trump for the “political weaponization of sexual harassment,” brought up Trump’s infamous remarks on the “Access Hollywood” tape and called for him to be investigated.

She said, “I believe the women about Roy Moore’s accusers, but where is the investigation of President Trump? And he–what I found so disturbing about that ‘Access Hollywood’ tape is ‘they let you do whatever they want.’ Like that is not even about sex, that’s about power, that’s about dominating women. And he is going to continue–he’s never going to be held accountable for this. The test is whether the person admits it’s true, that’s when you have an investigation. Until the Republicans on the hill start holding him accountable for this and for Russia transgressions, too.”

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