CNN Guest Doesn’t Like It When Hillary Is Brought Up [VIDEO]

CNN screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor
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New York Times contributing writer Anushay Hossain appeared on “CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera” Saturday, proclaiming it “really sexist” to ask about Hillary Clinton in relation to Bill Clinton’s alleged misconduct.


Host Ana Cabrera asked, “Hillary Clinton saying that people are remembering that period incorrectly. I’m curious if you agree, and if you think Democrats have really had a reckoning on what happened then?”

Hossain responded, “You know, I think that it’s really sexist of us to drag out the wives and the partners of the accused.”

She continued, “We saw Roy Moore’s wife come out yesterday completely supporting her husband and Hillary Clinton in the ’90s did that. But that is distracting from the allegations. The women are not being accused of harassing or assaulting anybody, it’s their husbands. And I think that often women are really used as PR tools for their husbands. So really on both sides, on both sides, it’s incredibly sexist.”

“What we should be focusing on is the GOP–I mean if we’re really going to talk about is Franken worse, is Trump worse, is Moore worse? They’re all terrible. They should not be abusing women,” she added.

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