Dem Rep: Franken ‘Probably Should Resign’ If Latest Groping Allegation Is True [VIDEO]

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Embattled Democratic Minnesota Sen. Al Franken probably should resign if the latest groping allegation against him is true, Colorado Democratic Rep. Diana Degette said on Monday.

Two women, Leeann Tweeden and Lindsay Menz, have now accused Franken of groping them without their consent. Franken’s alleged groping of Menz, first reported by CNN on Monday, is said to have taken place in 2010 while he was a senator. Degette indicated that Franken should resign only if he had sexually harassed women while he was in office.

When asked by MSNBC’s Katy Tur if the allegations against Franken warrant resignation, Degette said, “Well, this is something that we have to decide, and that’s why I think it’s very appropriate that the Senate Ethics Committee decide what should happen. If these things had happened now, while Senator Franken was a senator, then I think probably he should resign.”

Tur then reminded Degette that Menz is accusing Franken of groping her while he was a senator — which would meet Degette’s standard for resignation.

“Yes, I heard that allegation just today myself. That’s what I think the — the ethics committee needs to investigate and decide whether that’s true,” the Democratic congresswoman replied.