Harrison Ford Becomes Real Life Indiana Jones

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter

Harrison Ford deserves an award for literally never breaking character – even long after his movies have been released.

Yesterday morning in Los Angeles, Ford showed us a little Indiana Jones after he witnessed a lady drive off California State Route 126 and plummet into a ditch. He stopped his car and rushed down to her rescue before first responders arrived.

TMZ reports that the driver took her eyes off the road for a few moments and veered off the highway into a steep drop. Harrison Ford saw the whole thing from a few cars away and immediately pulled over with a few other drivers to make sure the lady was okay.

Can you imagine the roller coaster of emotions this lady must have had? First, you’re dozing off on a Sunday drive outside of L.A. Next thing you know, you lose control of your vehicle and you’re plummeting down a steep drop-off. When you finally come to and realize you’ll still make it to Granny’s for Thanksgiving this year, Harrison Ford taps on your window to make sure you’re okay. What a whirlwind 5 minutes.

TMZ reports that the driver was taken to the local hospital with only minor injuries. Harrison Ford was transported to the top of Twitter’s trending page with an even better image than before. Winning!.