Michael Moore Yells Like A Clown For No Reason On MSNBC [VIDEO]

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

Liberal filmmaker and activist Michael Moore didn’t use his inside voice in the closing segment of MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes” Monday.


In a conversation with Chris Hayes about running new liberal candidates, Moore suggested saying, “You watch Chris Hayes, which shows that you…”

“Depending on your district, I wouldn’t lead with that in the ads. Michael Moore,” Hayes said, trying to wrap up his show and introduce Rachel Maddow’s program.

“I would put that on the yard sign. ‘I watch MSNBC,'” Moore said.

Hayes said, “Good luck. That is ‘All In’ for this evening, ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ starts right now, good evening Rachel…”

“You know you get what you paid for in terms of your political consulting. You’re getting it for free on TV…” Maddow joked.

“Figure out what you want to lead with on the yard signs America,” Hayes said.

Moore shouted again, “Put on that ‘you watch Rachel Maddow. I watch Rachel Maddow, vote for me!'”

“Depends on the district,” Hayes added.

During his shouting, Moore also loudly smacked the table with his hands several times.

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