Russian Model Takes A Shot At China Over The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

(Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret)

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Kate Grigorieva is one of the few unlucky models who couldn’t make it to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year and she’s clearly not happy with China for keeping her out of the country.

The beautiful blonde posted a touching tribute to all her fellow models walking in the show on Monday wishing them luck, but also took a jab at the Chinese government for denying her and several others entry into the country.

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret)

“So, today there will be a Victoria’s Secret Fashion show in Shanghai! Many models know how much effort is needed to pass the casting on the show! how many nerves and experiences. Many people know that this is the most colorful and prestigious show in the world! The atmosphere in which you are-incredible! People who work with you on the show, like one family, are cordial and friendly. And now, you go to the casting, they choose you, you do the fitting of your outfit , very beautiful and with wings, prepare for the show morally and physically! You live, the remaining days before the show, with thoughts of going to the runway,” Grigorieva wrote in the caption.

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“I’m very sorry that I can not be with everyone today, be a part of this grandiose event,” she continued. “I know how girls are worried, and I want to wish them luck today! P.S. and let the one who decided not to give Russian girls a visa to China, will be happy!”

Although the jab at the end didn’t exactly hit hard, it’s clear that Kate is upset that she was kept out of China and unable to walk in the prestigious event. It would have been even better if she was there.

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