This 24-Piece Utensil Set Will Help You Tackle Thanksgiving Dinner For Half The Price

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It’s the time of year for Thanksgiving feasts and celebrating with family and we all know what that means… lots of time in the kitchen. Whether you need a few extra utensils to nudge family members to help out with the cooking or you need a whole new kitchen set to prepare you for holiday feasting, this deal is for you.

This 24-piece kitchen set will aid you in all of your cooking endeavors this holiday season. Originally priced at $46, this immensely useful set is now 47 percent off for only $24.

I can't believe all of this is only $24 (Photo via Amazon)

I can’t believe all of this is only $24 (Photo via Amazon)

24 Piece Kitchen Utensil Set by HomEquip for $23.95

The kitchen set includes: spatulas, a ladle, serving spoons, a whisk, tongs, a meat knife, an ice cream scoop, a vegetable peeler, a hand grater, a pizza cutter wheel, a bottle opener, measuring cups and measuring spoons. It comes with everything you need for Thanksgiving (minus the food)!

All items in the kitchen set are heat resistant and dishwasher safe – perfect for an easy post-Thanksgiving clean-up.

This truly is the gift that keeps on giving (Photo via Amazon)

This truly is the gift that keeps on giving (Photo via Amazon)

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