Democrats Are In Trouble, According To The Latest Fundraising Figures

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Democrats are not raising much money despite low approval ratings of President Donald Trump.

The Democratic National Committee had the worst October fundraising-wise since 2003, according to a Tuesday CNN report.

The DNC raised $3.9 million, while the Republican National Committee raised $9.2 million.

The fundraising issues are not limited to the month of October. The DNC has raised $55 million dollars in 2017 compared to the $113.2 million raised by the RNC.

The RNC also has $42.5 million cash on hand and no debts, while the DNC just has $5 million cash on hand and additionally owes $3.2 million.

“This wide ranging small donor support is about one thing and one thing only,” RNC Finance Chairman Steve Wynn said in a statement. ‘The Republican Party stands for more jobs and keeping more of your paycheck. The jobs and the paycheck are what matter and that’s what we are about. That’s why we are getting the support and why we’re going to continue to win.”