FLASHBACK: John Conyers Was Filmed ‘Reading’ Playboy On A Plane In 2010 [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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News broke Monday that Democratic Detroit Congressman John Conyers had settled sexual harassment claims in the recent past with taxpayer dollars, but there have been even more signs that the Congressman had an active libido at the ripe old age of 81.

On a commercial flight to Washington, DC, in 2010, Conyers was video taped leafing through a Playboy magazine, and appeared to take special interest in some of the photos.


At the time, the incident was treated as a joke. The Huffington Post wrote, “It takes a bold person to openly read an adult nudie magazine in public, especially on an airplane where tight confines often leave neighboring passengers reading over each other’s shoulders. It takes an even bolder person to do it while serving as a U.S. congressman.”

What may have been considered “bold” in 2010, is seen as something different in 2017.

At the end of their piece in 2010, HuffPo lauded Conyers for his frugality. “And hey, at least he was seated in coach, so people can’t hiss at him for excessively spending taxpayer dollars while taking in some adult entertainment,” they wrote.

Liberal media website Mediaite wrote, “An amused airline passenger noticed Conyers studying the magazine’s soft-core images during a flight to D.C., so he, of course, recorded it with his camera phone. The lesson? Conyers is old-fashioned and kind of creepy. Makes you feel bad for the TSA agents that had to touch his junk.”

In the current political environment, and with the new revelations about Conyers and his penchant for young staffers, the video takes on a different tone.