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I can’t iron clothes. It’s not that I don’t want to iron clothes. Of course I want to iron my clothes! Clothes look much better when they aren’t wrinkled. But I am really bad at it, so I often end up just running my pants in the dryer to freshen them up.

I’ve been told there’s a better way. Something called a steamer. This device is not only easier to use than an iron, but it is also something you can take with you on the road. One time I went to a wedding in Dallas, and my buddy brought along a steamer we could use to get the wrinkles out of our suits. It worked great. I know I need to get one. And I just might, considering (1) how popular this steamer is and (2) the 30+ percent discount Daily Dealer readers get with the code KZGRF3FB.

Normally $30, this garment steamer is 34 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $30, this garment steamer is 34 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

OXA Smart Portable Travel Steamer for Clothes on sale for $19.79 with code KZGRF3FB

A full 86 percent of customers who’ve reviewed this steamer gave it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. Alex wrote:

This portable steamer from OXA is very easy to use and heat up fairly fast (around 20 seconds). The power cord is built-in and it’s 6.5 feet long so I don’t have a problem reaching places I’d like to steam. The water rank is removable and the capacity is 100ml. I like that there is a stopper for the cap so I won’t lose it easily when filling water.
This steamer features a single button operation and there is a light indicator near the top to let me know if it’s ON. The unit is pretty light weight (only 2.2lb) and I can easily operate it with one hand (while using the other hand to hold the item I’m steaming). I’m able to get about 6-8 mins continuous steaming for each full tank. There are 6 outlets so the steam coming out is pretty strong and enough for most household items. The package comes with 2 extra brush – long brush and villus brush which can be used to remove lints and on soft fabrics.

Tricia titled her review “Handy, portable, and great for travel!

Jamie, an Amazon Top 1000 reviewer, went with “Does the job extremely well” for her title:

Here’s Alicia:

And M. Martinez:

I could go on and on just posting the reviews. But I won’t. Feel free to check them all out for yourself. This steamer can be used on all types of clothes, including organic fabric, silk, cotton, nylon blend, wool, linen, polyester blend and embroidery. Plus, in addition to eliminating wrinkles, it kills bacteria, making it a great way to steam clean your sheets, curtains and furniture. What can’t this steamer do?

Garment steamer (Photo via Amazon)

Garment steamer (Photo via Amazon)

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