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Two Attractive Women Vape Outside Nightclub In Showtime’s ‘White Famous’

(Photo: Showtime/"White Famous")

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Showtime has again thrust vaping into the primetime spotlight.

In last Sunday’s episode of “White Famous,” there was a vaping scene outside of a nightclub. Season 1, Episode 7 titled “Duality” featured a scene where two of the main characters walk up to a nightclub, when two women can clearly be seen casually vaping. Both of them have their own vape devices, as one of them passes hers to the security guard so he can get a draw.

If this was five to 10 years ago, the women in this scene would have most definitely been smoking. But this is 2017, so obviously the women were vaping as they chat it up with the security guard.

Two attractive females casually vaping outside — what’s wrong with that? Nothing. In fact, vaping is helping to save lives. It is good to see people making healthier choices on TV. So, I am happy the producers decided to choose vaping instead of smoking. It’s a positive sign of things to come for vaping as it gains popularity.

Showtime has previously shown characters vaping in “Ray Donovan” and “Smilf,” proving the premium network is way ahead of curve when it comes to vaping.