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Smokjoy’s Newest Little Vape Mod ‘The Gotta God’: Is It The Most Interesting Device Of 2017?

(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube/VapingwithTwisted420)

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Smokjoy’s Gotta God mod comes with a 3500mAh built-in battery. This little setup has two unique features, not including its name.

One, the wattage varies according to the atomizer’s resistance; there is no need to manually set the wattage. Two, it is the first battery mod with a decorative ring displaying a power indicator. For instance, when the battery power is above 80%, a blue light flashes; when the battery power is between 30~80%, a green light flashes; and when the battery power is below 30%, a red light flashes. The Gotta God comes in multiple colors.

The video below displays a quick glance of the Gotta God mod. It isn’t a full review, but the reviewer does give a brief description of the mod’s characteristics. We learn that the material used on the outer surface of the mod has a slip-resistant feel to it. He says it reminds him of a skateboard’s surface.

The Gotta God can hold tanks of 25mm in diameter perfectly flush. It is also capable of “dry-burn” mode, which makes it compatible with dry herb atomizers. He concludes with saying, “It’s really an interesting device in more ways than one, but especially because it is a dual purpose vape mod.”

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