Watch What Happens When Berkeley Students See An American Flag Vs. ISIS Flag On Campus

(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube/Ami Horowitz)

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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The University of California, Berkeley campus is considered one of the most liberal in the country. Some may take that to mean the student population is “open minded.”

Yet recent riots in student protests over conservative speakers have led some to question how far free speech is allowed to go at UC Berkeley. One activist is testing the campuses ability to tolerate two potentially offensive symbols: the American flag and the ISIS flag.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz went to the campus to see just how anti-American the progressive students are by wandering around with an American flag:

Ami then did the same thing with an ISIS flag:

The reactions say it all.

“F— America.”

“God, f— this country.”

“I seen you walking around here with your little Star of David, you s–thead.”

Watch below:

Benny Johnson