10 Things Pilgrims Had To Handle That Would Melt The Modern Snowflake [SLIDESHOW]

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Make no mistake about it, the original settlers in the United States were badass and most of the people living in America today couldn’t have made it through the endless obstacles they faced.

After making the trip across the Atlantic Ocean with nothing more than a compass, a map and some help from the wind, the Pilgrims’ struggles were far from over when they finally reached American soil. That’s when the real adversity began.

Right after they made landfall they had to start a civilization from scratch in unknown territory with no modern machinery and tribe after tribe of Native Americans coming for their throats. It was survival of the fittest, and death to those who were too weak to handle what came their way.

Here’s a list of things the original settlers faced that would melt the modern liberal snowflake. They’d be too concerned with arguing about the ethics of this slideshow than fighting for survival.