Happy Thanksgiving – Shoutout To America For Being The Greatest

American flag Getty Images/Al Messerschmidt

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Today is Thanksgiving, and it’s a perfect time to remember what makes America great.

Hopefully, today will be full of spending time with family and friends, eating plenty of great food, drinking plenty of beer and watching the Detroit Lions whip the hell out of the Minnesota Vikings.

Thanksgiving is further proof that America is the absolute best. You know who won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving November 23 this year? The rest of the world.

You know what else the rest of the world hasn’t done? Win Super Bowls, land on the moon, win NBA championships, invent the Culver’s butter burger, have March Madness, invent Miller Lite and they damn sure don’t party for the college football playoff.

That’s what America is all about. When the Pilgrims stepped onto American soil there was something that was instantly different. The first blocks of freedom were laid and we all know the rest is history.

You know who absolutely hates Thanksgiving? Fatboy North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and ISIS.

Don’t be like like ISIS or Kim Jong Un. Crack a beer, spend some time with the family, throw on some football and remember that the American experiment is the greatest thing to ever happen on this planet.

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