Hookstead’s Friday Mailbag: Is The NFL Better Than College Football?

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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It’s the end of the week here at The Daily Caller and that means it’s time for my Friday Mailbag.

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, so we have a shorter round of questions this week. Either way, let’s dive right into the questions.

Will Bret Bielema be coaching pee wee football next season?

I have no idea what Bret Bielema will be up to next season, but I’ll be shocked if he’s still coaching Arkansas. He hasn’t done nearly enough to secure his future.

I’m hopeful he might take me up on my internship offer and come work with me.

Do you find the NFL playoffs or the college football playoff more exciting? NFL has better talent but college football seems more pure. I think it’s a tough choice.

I enjoy college football more and it’s not even close. College football players are teenagers or in their early 20s for the most part. Yes, the NFL obviously has better talent, but college has a much better atmosphere and fanbases.

I’ll take college football any day of the week.

Do you think any politicians will go down in sexual abuse scandals?

I have absolutely no idea, but at this point I’m not willing to bet against anything. The doors have been blown completely open in the past couple weeks.

I’m not sure anybody knows what will happen.

UCF is doing great this year.  But even though they’re undefeated, they’re jinxed.

Like Miami, a couple of UCF’s games were cancelled (Georgia Tech, Maine) due to extreme weather.

Assuming UCF wins out, and assuming UCF would have won their games against Georgia Tech and Maine, do you think UCF would have made the Top 6?  Top 4?

UCF is indeed having an incredible year. However, I don’t know if a win over Georgia Tech would be enough to catapult them from where they are now to the top six or four. Maybe they could have come in at six, but there’s still no chance they’d make the playoff over a one loss ACC, Big Ten or SEC team.

This is one of the problems with the current playoff format. An undefeated team in a smaller conference gets zero respect. This is why I think the playoff should expand to eight teams. Take the conference champions from the Power 5, take two at-large bids and then the highest ranked small school. I think that’d be even better than what we currently have.

Best of luck to UCF down the stretch. A big bowl game win would go a long way for the program.

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