Trump Mentions ‘God’ 9 Times In Thanksgiving Message — Here’s How Many Times Obama Did The Same

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Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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President Tump released his Thanksgiving message to the country Thursday morning. The message included a full-throated defense of his policies, the military and the future of the country. The president mentioned “God” nine times and “prayer” twice in his message.

Trump asked the nation multiple times to “thank God” in “prayer” and recalled the story of the first Thanksgiving, where pilgrims and Amerindians sat down together to enjoy a meal and thank God for the bounty of the harvest in the new land.

The president also recalled his predecessors, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, who were instrumental in designating Thanksgiving as national holiday.

“Today we give thanks for all of the pilgrims, pioneers, and patriots who have gone before us, and for all those warriors that have kept us safe and free,” he said.


Thanksgiving is a holiday with deep religious roots. (RELATED: Here’s How Thanksgiving Day Is Actually A Christian Holiday)

In contrast, in last year’s Thanksgiving message, President Obama mentioned “God” only once and never once mentioned prayer.


Two very different presidents.