YouTube Wants To Make You Feel Bad For Celebrating Thanksgiving

REUTERS/Shohei Miyano

Scott Greer Contributor
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YouTube decided it was important to denigrate the holiday that brings American families together to give thanks on Thursday.

In a tweet posted by the official company account for the video service, YouTube shared an anti-Thanksgiving video made by the left-wing Teen Vogue publication.

The tweet sharing the video read: “‘Thanksgiving’ is a loaded word. These girls explain what it means to Indigenous people.”

YouTube’s tweet also included a gif of young Native American women proudly overturning a traditional Thanksgiving table.

The Teen Vogue video features the young Native American women delivering diatribes against Thanksgiving as a holiday celebrating land theft and genocide.

Several Twitter users were not happy with YouTube’s anti-holiday message.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, wasn’t the only Big Tech company to get in on the Thanksgiving Day shaming. Twitter promoted a “moment” offering a similar point of view that the holiday should be treated as a day of mourning instead of a time for expressing gratitude.