Johnny Manziel’s Fiancee Surrenders Items To The FBI

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Johnny Manziel’s fiancee Bre Tiesi recently met with FBI agents to surrender items from her former fiancé Chris Anzalone stemming from a closed criminal investigation.

TMZ reported the following:

Bre’s ex-fiance is Chris Anzalone — who was a BALLER in Southern California until he was arrested and convicted for running a $16 million investment fraud scheme.

But before he was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison, Anzalone showered Bre in riches — including cars, designer purses, Rolex watches and a 10-carat diamond engagement ring.

Their relationship went sour when Chris was locked up — and Anzalone claims Bre embezzled more than $1.3 MILLION in cash and expensive property. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Bre’s attorney who says Tiesi met with FBI agents and surrendered every item she was asked to give up … items the feds claim she received from Anzalone’s ill-gotten fortune. 

Bre says none of it was embezzled — everything she had was given to her as a gift.

Say whatever you want about Johnny Manziel, but his saga never stops being incredibly entertaining. The guy went from being arguably the greatest college football player in a generation to flaming out of the NFL and now his future wife is surrendering items to the FBI from a former criminal case against her ex-fiancé. It doesn’t get anymore Johnny Football than that. (SLIDESHOW: Johnny Manziel’s Fiancee Barely Wears Anything On Instagram)

I don’t know anything about how embezzlement cases work, but I imagine it’s got to be relatively hard to prove what is a gift and what was stolen when it comes to items with so much value.

Either way, I’m glad to see Johnny is still controlling the news cycle. I was starting to wonder if he’d still be able to dominate the headlines, and it looks like he certainly will.

As always, the Johnny Football story just continues to get more and more interesting.

EDITOR’S NOTE: A legal representative of Chris Anzalone reached out to clarify that there is no active criminal investigation, and that the items returned to the FBI stem from a forfeiture agreement from two years ago. The article has been updated to more accurately reflect the new information.

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