J.T. Barrett Celebrating A TD With Defenders Right Behind Is So Bold You Have To Respect It

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett rushed for a touchdown against Michigan, and he started celebrating five yards out with a defender right behind him.

Touchdown celebrations are a normal part of football, but this is a bit different for Barrett and the Buckeyes.

Barrett throws up a fist five yards out while a Michigan defender is right on his heels. That’s such a bold move that I have to respect it. He didn’t even look back behind him to see if the defense was close. The star quarterback just trusted his speed and went for it.

That takes a level of confidence I don’t think most people will ever have or understand.

Why didn’t that defender behind him dive at his feet? That’s probably a 50/50 play if he goes for his feet or legs. Instead, he lets Barrett throw up his hand five yards out and score.

Can’t let that happen if you’re the defense. Barrett is just flat out disrespecting Michigan, but again, it’s so bold that I have no choice but to respect the celebration.

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