Woman Blasts ‘Toxic Masculinity’ And Doesn’t Realize A Female Pilot Could Have Drawn Sky Penis

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A woman condemned the “toxic masculinity” pervasive in society after a Navy pilot outlined a penis in the sky in Okanagan County, Wash., despite the fact that the pilot’s gender is still unknown.

Melanie Hamlett voiced her frustration for the sky art in a piece for Glamour Magazine, calling it “a feminist take on penis drawings” on her personal website. The self-described comedian adds that it is important to have a woman’s consent before seeing images of male genitalia drawn in the sky.

Hamlett admitted that when she first saw the drawing, “I thought it was kind of funny, probably because I’m culturally conditioned to laugh at men’s silly antics. Boys will be boys, right?”

However, Hamlett then realized that the drawing is forcing depictions of men into her world and that the only time it is acceptable to see a depiction of male genitalia is when it is “attached to a man I want to have sex with.”

What Hamlett seems to forget is that women are pilots as well.

“Toxic masculinity is the culprit, of course. I don’t blame men entirely for being the way they are. It must be frustrating to live in a world where traditional roles are being challenged and overthrown by women while also reinforced and encouraged by the advertising industry and other men,” Hamlett wrote, adding, “channeling that frustration through the one organ that can do the most damage to women isn’t cool.”

Hamlett has also written other pieces on masculinity, such as ridiculing a man for asking her out on her “first date” at age 33 and wanting more out of a relationship than simply sex.

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