Class-Action Suit Agreement Means Trudeau Can ‘Compensate’ Gay Canadians

REUTERS/Chris Wattie

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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A lawyer who is representing gay Canadians in a class-action suit against their government says the two sides have reached agreement in principle.

CBC News reports that Doug Elliot promises the details of the agreement will be revealed on Tuesday when the Trudeau government announces a historic apology for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Canadians.

Last Sunday, Trudeau tweeted: “On November 28, the Government will offer a formal apology to LGBTQ2 Canadians in the House – for the persecution & injustices they have suffered, and to advance together on a path to equality & inclusion.”

Trudeau is expected to not only apologize but offer compensation for gays who were fired from or ineligible for government jobs in the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP and civil service. There is even talk of a monument being built to commemorate the “persecution & injustice” described by Trudeau.

Furthermore, the Liberal government intends to retroactively erase any criminal convictions that resulted from same-sex relations between consenting partners when homosexuality was illegal in Canada.

But some see Trudeau’s plan as just another example of how the prime minister panders to his core audience. Upon hearing of the compensation plan this week, Gwen Landolt, the vice president of REAL Women of Canada told The Daily Caller: “Well you know that Justin gives money to all his friends.”

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