CNN Guest: Stop Saying ‘Fake News’ Because It’s Being Used As A ‘Weapon’ Against CNN [VIDEO]

CNN screenshot

Justin Caruso Senior Media Reporter

A guest on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday said that it’s time to stop saying “fake news” in part because it’s being used as a “weapon” against CNN.


CNN host Brian Stelter said, “It’s time to retire the term ‘fake news,’ that’s what my next guest says.”

He asked, “If we never use the term ‘fake news’ again, what should we say instead?”

“First Draft” executive director Claire Wardle responded, “We should think about what we’re actually talking about. So are we talking about misinformation, or just mistakes that people make? Are we talking about disinformation, when people are actually trying to cause harm and they are disseminating false information…”

Stelter asked, “Is that because President Trump has co-opted fake news and basically redefined it?”

“A lot of it isn’t news. It’s been labelled for things they don’t like, and it’s being used against as a weapon against organizations like CNN. It’s damaging the industry, the free press is what we stand for,” she said.

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