CNN Guest: Trump’s Tweets Are ‘YOLO Trump’ [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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A guest on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday said that Donald Trump’s recent tweets are “YOLO Trump.”


NYMag journalist Olivia Nuzzi said, “Well I think for the last couple of weeks we have seen sort of a throwback in his tone, almost to 2013-style Trump tweets. He does seem to be kind of be tweeting what he thinks and feels in the moment and not thinking too hard about what the effects might be in a that way we saw…I mean, his tweets have always been pretty insane for a politician.”

“Insane?” host Brian Stelter said.

Nuzzi continued, “Yes, certainly. But I think during the campaign and certainly in early days of the administration, throughout the transition before that, he was toned down a little bit. And in the last couple of weeks we really have seen him return to the style that he became known for on Twitter in 2012, 2013,” she continued.

Daily Beast editor John Avlon added, “This is YOLO trump. And we’ve known for a long time, that Twitter Trump is the real Trump. Teleprompter Trump sounds presidential, but is unrelated to the instincts and impulses and thoughts of the real man.”

YOLO is a slang term that stands for “You Only Live Once,” popularized by rap star Drake.

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