Elle Johnson Reveals Her Playoff Teams, And Ohio State Fans Won’t Like Them

Elle Johnson (Credit: Screenshot/Instagram Video)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Sports fanatic and social media star Elle Johnson revealed her four college playoff teams Sunday on Twitter.

“My prediction: After the #Conference #Championship games next Sat, the 4 teams in the #CFPlayoff will be: 1. #Auburn 2. #Wisconsin 3. #Clemson 4. #Oklahoma,” Johnson tweeted to her tons of faithful fans.

I also spoke with her shortly after the tweet to get her thoughts on the Big Ten championship, and she’s all in on the Wisconsin Badgers taking it home.

“I actually don’t think OSU is very good (sad statement about Michigan this year). Wisconsin is the perfect team to wear them out and expose their flaws,” Johnson told me. And I hope she’s right.

She also told me that she expects Auburn to win the whole thing as of today. It’s too bad that she’s not taking my Badgers to walk away in January with a national championship, but I appreciate the fact she’s one of the few people out there giving them any respect at all.

And as we all know, Johnson is a massive fan of the Michigan Wolverines, who of course have no shot at making the playoff. Better luck to her team next year.

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