The Delusion Of SEC Football Fans Is Real And Embarrassing

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The delusion of SEC football fans might be at an all-time high after Alabama lost to Auburn Saturday night.

I have talked to several college football insiders over the past 24 hours, and we’re pretty much all in agreement that SEC fans have lost their minds.

Listen up SEC fanboys and fangirls. Alabama at 11-1 isn’t getting in over 13-0 Big Ten champions Wisconsin, and there is a very real chance they’re not getting in over 11-2 Ohio State if they beat Wisconsin. These are simple facts.

Pretending that Alabama, Auburn or Georgia are playing on a different level is laughable. Anybody, and I mean absolutely anybody, who has been paying attention over the past few weeks knew Alabama wasn’t going to beat Auburn. It was some of the easiest gambling money I’ve ever made. Now we’re supposed to believe that somehow they’re somehow a lock for the playoff? I’m not buying it, and neither should any of you.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. Can we please stop with the nonsense that top Big Ten teams or top ACC teams wouldn’t dominate the SEC? Paul Finebaum, a man paid to hype up SEC propaganda on ESPN, actually believes undefeated Wisconsin might have as many as four losses against Alabama’s schedule.

Who is Wisconsin not beating that Alabama beat? Mercer? Ole Miss? LSU? Vanderbilt? Florida State? Mississippi State? Give me a break. Michigan is the fifth best team in the Big Ten and they wrecked Florida to start the season. Absolutely obliterated them. Penn State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan and Michigan State would feast on an SEC schedule. South Carolina is one of the best teams in the SEC and got destroyed by Clemson last night. That game was over within the first couple minutes.

Put it to rest, you SEC fanboys.

The SEC champion is going to the playoff. That’s not up for debate, and yes there are several scenarios that could play out that could get Alabama in. Just stop pretending that the SEC is still the most dominant conference. The facts still matter in the world, and the facts don’t indicate at all that the SEC owns the college football world. The facts prove the exact opposite.

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