All Hail LeBron James, King Of The #VinoChronicles

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James had himself a night this weekend, and his Instagram post about wine is proof.

Now listen. I’m not a Cavs fan, and I’m in no way linked to Cleveland, so I don’t really have a dog in this fight. But I do find LeBron highly amusing. The guy takes himself so seriously while he’s out there trying to make a name for himself in animated kids movies and riding subways. I get it. He’s gotta earn a living somehow.

But this post takes it to new heights. Any other star could’ve posted a pic of his crew tearing up the VIP section at a club. Or snapped a candid shot of his fresh outfit with the elusive caption “last night.”

Not LeBron. He’s not leaving anything to the imagination. He wants you to know that he drained 8 bottles of swanky vino and had himself a night. By the looks of it, he never even left the house. All hail the king.

But what takes this post full circle is the caption. First off, I’m really not impressed that he’s “fresh out of Advil.” Really poor hosting etiquette. If you know you’re gonna turn up this weekend, the second thing you buy (behind the Cabernet) is Advil. Rookie mistake.

I am, however, loving how he tries to remain mysterious. He says “you had to be there to truly understand,” but quickly pivots, wishing “you were there so u could.” What a giver. Is this an invite? Is it petty? This is why he’s the king.

Pretty sure it’s petty, given the little PS tacked on at the end. “P.S. don’t talk to me about wine like u know it if you really don’t know what you’re talking about. Seriously! Thank you!”

P.S. If acting doesn’t work out – maybe get into the wine business.