CNN Gives Van Jones His Own Show

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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CNN announced Monday that former Barack Obama administration advisor Van Jones will have his own show in primetime.

According to Variety, “The Van Jones Show” will get a bimonthly slot starting in January and will feature a live studio audience. (RELATED: Van Jones: Liberals Are ‘Mad At Every Single Person Who Voted For Trump’)

CNN screenshot van jones

Van Jones (photo: CNN Screenshot)

His upcoming one-hour show will focus on several issues including, “the forces that elected Donald Trump, the anti-Trump ‘resistance’ movement and the future of both major parties.”

The CNN contributor will also be the host of a new documentary series about the criminal justice system.

Earlier this year, he talked to Variety about his town hall specials titled, “The Messy Truth” that looked at the 2016 election and more specifically people who voted for Obama and then decided to go for Trump.

“I just want to mix it up a little bit,” Jones told Variety at the time.  “I really understand how dad-gum smart people in the middle of the country are.”

“I also understand how the coastal, cosmopolitan crowd can really come off as holier than thou and snotty, but of course, I really embrace those strong liberal values you find in the blue states,” he added. “I really think that gives me something to bring to the national conversation.”

Jones has worked for CNN as a contributor since 2013.