Conyers’ Lawyer: Conyers Will ‘Do The Right Thing For Himself’ [VIDEO]


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Arnold Reed, Rep. John Conyers’ lawyer, seemed unwilling to discuss opening a non-disclosure agreement with one of Conyers’ alleged victims.

In a combative interview with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle on Monday, Reed said that Conyers will not be focused on the NDA and instead will continue “to do the right thing for himself, for the public, and for the constituents that he represents.”


Multiple women have accused Conyers of sexual harassment and one of the alleged victims, who settled with Conyers in 2015, says she wants to be released from her non-disclosure agreement that she “was forced to sign.”

Reed said that if the woman was actually sexually harassed, then she should have taken the case to court back back in 2015 rather than signing the agreement.

“I would think…that this individual, if that was the case, would have had legal counsel before this alleged agreement was signed,” Reed asserted. “What I would support is individuals who say that they have been harassed, when some type of agreement is put in front of you…if you say you are harassed, don’t sign it–go to trial.”

“Alas, here we are,” Ruhle pushed back. “Would the congressman support releasing her from her confidentiality agreement so she can tell her story?”

“What the congressman supports is the truth coming out and what he supports is a full investigation,” Peters dodged.

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