Elizabeth Warren Responds To Trump Calling Her ‘Pocahontas’ At Navajo Ceremony – Ouch

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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At an event honoring World War II Navajo code talkers, President Trump took a crack at one of his favorite political targets: Elizabeth Warren.

“I just want to thank you because you are very, very special people. You were here long before any of us were here,” Trump said Monday at the White House. “Although, we have a representative in Congress who has been here a long time, longer than you. They call her ‘Pocahontas.'”

Warren was on MSNBC soon thereafter, talking about the new leadership at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The MSNBC anchor asked Warren about the Trump comment, saying it was “supposed to be a joke” and playing the clip.

Warren responded, saying she thought it was an inappropriate comment to make at a ceremony to honor “heroes” and “people who put it all on the line for our country.” Warren went on to say Trump’s use of the word counts as a racial slur.

“It is deeply unfortunate that the president of the United States cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes without having to throw out a racial slur. Look, Donald Trump does this over and over, thinking somehow he’s going to shut me up with it. It hasn’t worked in the past. It is not going to work in the future.”

Warren ran into deep political controversy when it was revealed that she claimed Native American heritage for various roles and positions without having any evidence to support the claim.

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