Greek Soccer Hooligans Start Massive Brawl With Muslims Celebrating Muhammad’s Birthday [VIDEO]

Liam Clancy Reporter
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A group of around 200 Greek soccer hooligans attacked a procession of around 800 Pakistani immigrants in Athens Sunday, according to Russia Today.

The hooligans were supporters of the soccer club PAOK, and were on their way to a game against a rival club, the Associated Press reports.

While en route to the game, the hooligans passed a crowd of Pakistani immigrants celebrating the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. They then began to insult the immigrants and eventually attacked them. This naturally sparked a massive brawl.


In video from the scene, hooligans can be seen assaulting the Pakistani immigrants, trampling on Islamic flags, and generally causing mayhem.

One hooligan even grabs one of the Islamic flags and uses it as a weapon to beat a bystander.

Greek riot police intervened to break up the clashes using tear gas and stun grenades, according to local media. No injuries or arrests were reported.