Jay Z Gives Lame Excuse For Canceling Concert

Jena Greene Reporter
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Jay Z has called off another performance due to supposed technical difficulties.

The rapper released a statement via Instagram this weekend announcing the short noticed cancellation. “Due to the scale of this production, we cannot get the screens up on time into the building in Nebraska,” he explained.

Moment of clarity #JayZ

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Jay Z already cancelled one concert this month in Fresno, CA. Some have speculated his concerts aren’t being canned due to screen problems but because of lagging ticket sales.

If you’re one of the world’s hottest performers, you don’t need screens to make a great concert. Jay Z is a rapper, not a movie star. Speakers and a microphone would probably do the trick just fine.

There was a point in time where plenty of people might’ve said Jay Z was the face of modern rap. But his anemic concert attendance and increasing politicization would suggest otherwise. Ticket sales don’t lie.

Obama may love Jay Z, but it looks like the rest of the country begs to differ.