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Voopoo TOO TC Box Mod: The Updated GENE Chip Is Amazing

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter

The Voopoo TOO TC box mod is capable of up to 180 watts. It can be used with one or two 18650 batteries. Using a single battery, the maximum wattage would be 80 watts. The side panels are interchangeable, which is a unique feature.

You can pick and choose among multiple colors and designs to fit your personal preference. Its computer chip, the Gene chip, is a highly sought-after chip. It can be found in Voopoo’s last two mods as well, the DRAG and the NEWBIE.

The chip-set actually has been updated this time around, in the Vopoo TOO. It produces one of the fastest firing speeds, it has a “SOFT Mode” for high wattage that gives great flavor as well as prolonging the life of coils, and it includes a DIY app that allows you to fully customize the mod in almost every way you can think of.

The video review of the Voopoo TOO mod is, overall, a positive one. The reviewer displays the mod up close and reveals a very bright menu screen; it gets dim when not in use. The side panels have a “slide and pull” mechanism that allows for inserting batteries and/or replacing the panels altogether.

Tanks of up to 28-29mm will fit atop the TOO. 30mm tanks may have a slight overhang. In the video, she demonstrates vaping it at 180 watts. She says, at 180 watts, it is a very smooth and comfortable vape.

I have to say, Voopoo is making some pretty good vape mods lately. I currently own the DRAG, and so far it has not let me down in any way. In fact, I am enjoying vaping it with a Merlin Mini RTA on top.

Stay tuned for a personal review of the DRAG once I break it in and use it for a while. I wrote a review on my IPV Vesta too soon. While it was functioning properly, I loved it. BUT, I switched to Voopoo after my IPV Vesta broke down on me after just a few months.

Voopoo TOO TC Box Mod-$74.90