Feminism Site Shut Down Because Media Didn’t Realize It Was Satire

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Feminist website Medusa Magazine has been shut down, after the founder admitted that it was pure satire.

“This has been fun, but all good things have to come to an end,” the anonymous founder wrote. “I am shutting down this website because recent events have proven to us that it is no longer possible to satirize the Feminist left.”

The website founder confessed that the content was exclusively satirical, according to a Fox News report. The site was originally made to satirize over-the-top social justice content to mock feminists, according to a website blog post.

“We are shutting down our rather hilarious project because we can no longer compete with our competition. We have come to realize that our competition is not other satirical websites, but rather the people we are trying to satirize,” wrote the author.

Amid a wave of sexual assault allegations, Medusa published a post titled “Why we should believe women who accuse right wingers of rape more than those who accuse liberals,” which was a “total caricature intended to be as ridiculous as possible,” according to the founder.

However, mainstream news outlets like the Washington Post ended up publishing stories similar to the purposefully satirical content.

The site has other satirical pieces, such as “Don’t Gender Your Pets,” and “Feminists Need To Start Supporting Transracial People.”

Far-right news sites, including Gateway Pundit and InfoWars, have also criticized Medusa’s content, not realizing it is satirical.

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