Protesters Removed From Capitol Ahead Of Vote On Tax Bill [VIDEO]

Amber Athey White House Correspondent
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A group of protesters were removed by police from the Capitol building Tuesday as the Senate Budget Panel gets ready to vote on a Republican-led tax reform bill.

In a video from MSNBC, the protesters can be heard chanting, “Kill the bill!” MSNBC notes that this is the same chant used by protesters during the health care debate.


Several protesters can be seen getting dragged out of the area by police officers. Some of them are pulled down to the ground, where they have their hands zip-tied together before being removed.

“This is the budget hearing which is essentially the last process before getting to the bill to the floor, and as you can see, it is being completely taken over by protesters,” MSNBC reporter Garrett Haake explained. “They’ve essentially taken over this building and are using a lot of the same language that we heard during the health care debate.”

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