Steph Curry’s Wife Rushes To His Defense After Video Of Him Ignoring Kid Goes Viral

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Ayesha Curry is tired of her husband and Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry getting dragged online after a video of him snubbing a young fan surfaced.

So she took to Twitter to air out her frustration Monday.

The video in question went viral this weekend, after Steph appeared to be the only Warrior who refused to sign this superfan’s jersey.

And the Warriors point guard is still getting trolled for it.

Even the kid’s mom has gotten in on the debate. She posted a lengthy Facebook status last week to explain exactly what went down:

It seems like pretty much everybody on the internet is on this kid’s side. But Ayesha Curry wasn’t going to take this lying down.

“So tired of seeing this,” the NBA star’s wife tweeted. “He was looking for a family member in a crowd of 100 people which you can’t see on the other side of the camera…He would never purposefully ignore a squirrel let alone a precious little boy. Demeaning someone to get your followers up much.”

Few people bought her explanation though. A lot of fans pointed out that Steph seemed to look right at the kid.

Others pointed out that it did seem a bit opportunistic for the kid’s mom to make a big deal out of this.

Whether or not this was intentional, it’s a pretty big move to say your husband would never even ignore a squirrel. It’s a bold strategy. I’ll be keeping my eyes wide open for any Curry-Squirrel interactions now.