Flashback: Matt Lauer Grills Hillary Clinton On Monica Lewinsky

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Former “Today Show” host Matt Lauer once grilled Hillary Clinton on the Monica Lewinsky scandal during an interview in 1998.

“If he [Bill Clinton] were to be asked today, Mrs. Clinton, do you think that he would admit that he again has caused pain in his marriage?” Lauer inquired in an interview where the former first lady “candidly answered questions” on NBC’s Today Show.

“No, and he shouldn’t,” Clinton responded.

Lauer also asked Clinton if she personally knew Lewinsky, to which Clinton responded, “I may have.”


The former NBC host previously garnered criticism from Clinton supporters regarding his handling of the NBC 2016 presidential debate. Clinton supporters believed he spent too much time focusing on the email scandal, CNN Money reported.

Lauer was fired Wednesday from NBC after allegations of “inappropriate workplace misconduct.”

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