MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Defends Ali Velshi, Accidentally Calls Them A ‘Couple’ [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle defended her co-host Ali Velshi against charges of “mansplaining” Wednesday, but accidentally called the two a “couple” in the process.


Ruhle, in response to some Twitter critics that accused him of “mansplaining” to her, said, “Ali wasn’t mansplaining to me. Ali wasn’t interrupting me to hurt me. Ali’s my true partner. And I’m really glad some days he adds on and interrupts. Because that’s the thing. We’re a real couple… we’re a real team.”

“TV couple,” Velshi added.

“We’re a real team,” Ruhle continued.

“You know what we mean because you watch us every day,” Velshi said, trying to clarify.

She also said, “I just ask everyone when we go after one another about mansplaining and interrupting, think of how you talk to your family, who you love the most, at the dinner table. And you know what you do a lot? You interrupt, and sometimes you yell, and you yell because you care. Ali cares about me and I care about Ali. And to everyone out there, coming out there in my defense, you don’t need to. I appreciate it. This guy’s my partner.”

Velshi said, “And she came to my defense big-time as all of you noted the other day in that conversation with Roy Moore’s attorney. Thank you for that, friend. But it’s okay, we’re also good with your criticism, so thank you.”

“But we’re not a couple. I can’t believe I said that,” Ruhle added.

“TV couple… partners, friends,” Velshi added.

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