CNN Commentator: ‘White, Liberal Women’ Calling For Conyers’ Resignation [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN Commentator Angela Rye blamed “white, liberal women” for the pressure on Democratic Michigan Rep. John Conyers to resign from Congress.

Rye, a former executive director for the Congressional Black Caucus, said on CNN International Thursday that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi would have never called for Conyers to resign if it weren’t for the other “white, liberal women” pressuring her to do so.


“I think Nancy Pelosi made a commitment to the members of the Congressional Black Caucus that she would not call for Conyers resignation before due process was allowed to take place,” Rye said. “Now she’s being faced with the pressure of white, liberal women for the most part who have told her she needs to say something different.”

“I’m being as candid with you as I can,” she continued.

Rye also bashed Pelosi for calling for the resignation while Conyers is in the hospital for a stress-related illness.

Earlier this week, Rye alleged that people were being tougher on Conyers than Minnesota Sen. Al Franken because the Michigan Democrat is black. (RELATED: CNN’s Angela Rye: Dems Being Tougher On Conyers Because He Is Black) 

“What I will tell you as the former CBC’s executive director is that far too often, our members who are the most senior ranking, our members that have the most desired position in the House, get targeted in very strange ways,” Rye said during a CNN appearance on Monday.

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