Lankford Says He Will Vote For Republican Tax Reform Package

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — Oklahoma Republican Sen. Jim Lankford told The Daily Caller Wednesday night that he plans to vote for the Republican tax reform package.

“I’ll vote for the motion to proceed today and then the changes that I needed are done, so yeah, it’s good to go.”

The Senate voted to advance the bill on Wednesday. After debate on the bill, the Senate is expected to vote yes or no on the bill on Friday.

“Obviously there were a couple areas that I was most concerned about. I knew that they were all in progress, and I was waiting to be able to see how it all got resolved. The small business portion of it was always important to me,” Lankford told TheDC.

“Ron Johnson and Steve Daines continue to be able to work on that and are to be able to tweak it out and then, obviously, the backstop has been exceptionally important to me as well. That’s also been worked out. So, we’re trying to get a full resolution in the final language just coming through, but I have every confidence to believe that everything will be all wrapped up,” he said.

Lankford was among key Republicans who were yet to say they support the bill. Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain and Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski also announced this week that they would support the tax reform legislation.

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