Mika: ‘I’ve Never Been Wrong’ [VIDEO]

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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On Morning Joe Thursday, MSNCB’s Mike Brezezinski said that though she’s been early to the news cycle sometimes, she has “never been wrong.”


On Thursday morning’s panel, Mika Brzezinski spoke about her self-proclaimed reporting infallibility after a discussion regarding President Donald Trump’s retweets of video showing alleged Muslim violence, and his back-and-forth with Prime Minster Theresa May of Britain on the subject.

“Again, it brings us back to what is his moral compass?” guest Susan DEl Percio first posed. “There is none when it comes to his lack of talking about neo-Nazis in our country, and spreading some.”

“I’m not sure what more people inside the White House need to understand that we are in a grave situation. I’ve always said things too early, but I’ve never been wrong,” Brzezinski boldly added.

“And… And Amen, sister,” one of the guests said, as Joe Scarborough coughed his way out of commenting on Mika’s self-assuredness.

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