NBC News Analyst Claims Trump Needs Mental ‘Treatment’ [VIDEO]

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NBC News analyst John Heilemann claimed on Thursday that President Trump is mentally ill to the point of needing “treatment.”

Heilemann claimed that Trump is displaying “mania” and “dissociative behavior” that need to be treated, comparing the president to a “person on a park bench feeding pigeons stale bread.”


“I think if you witness the behavior that you see on Donald Trump’s part, and by that I mean just in these last few days, you just go to the story, I think it’s been discussed on this show and elsewhere, the notion that he’s claiming the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape isn’t real, the conspiracy theories that he believes or says he widely, the places that he seems to be untethered from some basic facts about the world around him,” Heilemann said on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” Thursday afternoon.

“You think about all of those things. If you saw the behavior of this person at a backyard barbecue in your hometown or anywhere you live, you’d seek out their adult children and say, ‘I feel sorry for you. how are you, what is the treatment plan for your father?’ That’s what you would say,” Heilemann said..

“You would say there’s mania on display, dissociative behavior, these fantasies, this conspiracy theory, if you ran into this person on a park bench feeding pigeons stale bread you’d think there must be some kind of social program to deal with that,” he continued.

“I don’t know what’s going on in his head but the outward manifestations of these things, if you saw them in a normal person that’s not president of the United States, you’d be concerned and asking the people around him, what are you doing to treat that problem?”