Newsweek: Ivanka Trump Plagiarized Herself

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Newsweek really jumped the shark Thursday when they claimed that Ivanka Trump “plagiarize[d] one of her own speeches” during her trip to India.

Newsweek bashed Ivanka for reusing lines from some of her old speeches. Of course, that’s not plagiarism, as plagiarism requires the words or ideas be taken from someone else.

Recycling speeches and parts of speeches is pretty standard for people who have a lot of speaking engagements.

“Several lines the 36-year-old delivered Tuesday had been directly pulled from her poorly attended November 2 speech in Tokyo, where she attended the World Assembly for Women alongside Japanese President Shinzo Abe,” Newsweek writer Chris Riotta snarked.

Riotta admitted that its common practice to reuse pieces of speeches, but argued that Ivanka proved she had nothing “else to say about women’s empowerment” and “show[s] where the first daughter’s focus lies in the White House.”

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