This ‘Productivity Bundle’ Offers 8 Courses About How To Succeed, And It Is Currently 97 Percent Off

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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Do you want to be more successful? I know I sure do. One of the best ways to become more successful is to take tips from history’s most successful people. That is the theory behind this “productivity bundle.” For the deal price of just $36, you get the following 8 courses:

How To Find Your Life Purpose & Maximize Your Impact – $145 value

27 Life-Changing Lessons From the Smartest People in History – $145 value

Become A Speed Reading Machine: Read 300 Books This Year – $195 value

How To Double Your Productivity By Tomorrow Morning: 12 Step Guide – $195 value

Make More, Work Less: Time Management + Productivity Course – $199 value

Entrepreneur Productivity Hacks – $49 value

Instant Public Speaking Master Class – $197 value

Get Things Done: How to Organize Your Life & Take Action – $49 value

There’s more information on each course available here, but at first glance that seems like a GREAT selection. And if you add up the values of each course if purchased separately, you’ll see that it equals $1,274. Yet right now it is just $36 at The Daily Caller Shop. Eight courses, 504 lessons, 27 hours…for just $36. Talk about value.

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle on sale for $36

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