Trump Stops Tax Speech To Torch Hillary With Her Own Famous Benghazi Line

(Photo by Whitney Curtis/Getty Images)

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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The GOP is in the middle of a huge tax reform push. The legislation is picking up steam in the Senate as crucial GOP votes are falling in line behind the bill, which would serve as the first major legislative success for the Trump administration. Team Trump has been on a full court press to sell the bill to the American people. The president traveled to Missouri Wednesday to laude the benefits of the bill and to hammer Democrat opponents.

In his freewheeling speech, Trump hit on the points of lower taxes for individuals and businesses. Trump hit the loopholes for the wealthy, identifying himself as someone who has taken advantage of them. Trump said “We’re also going to eliminate tax breaks and complex loop holes taken advantage of by the wealthy. Who are they? I don’t know. I think my accountants are going crazy right now.”

Trump shrugged off the self-criticism, saying, “Hey, look, I’m President. I don’t care… This is a higher calling. Do we agree?”

The audience applauded, prompting Trump to swing at his 2016 election opponent Hillary Clinton.

As Hillary said, ‘What difference does it make?’ It made a difference. It made a big difference. Made a big, big difference. We want a tax code that is simple and fair and that’s for all Americans.

The reference was an obvious reference to Clinton’s infamous Benghazi testimony line from 2013.