Wonkette Tells Sarah Sanders To ‘Go F***’ Herself

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Wonkette writer Evan Hurst told White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to “go f**k” herself in a profanity-ridden screed published Wednesday.

While Wonkette doesn’t shy away from profanity and insults, this particular article makes the writer seem deranged and possibly even obsessed with Sanders.

The headline of the piece is “Go F**k Yourself, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, You Debased Redneck Motherf**ker” and Hurst writes, “We can scarcely believe we haven’t devoted a post in our beloved series of children’s bedtime stories ‘Oh Go F**k Yourself (INSERT ASSHOLE’S NAME HERE)’ to Our Lady Of The Tablecloth-Wearing Lie Mouth, AKA Sarah Huckabee Sanders. But we haven’t, so here we go.”

Hurst ripped on the fact that Sanders is from Arkansas and has a southern accent, and accused her of frying squirrels and called her a “PUS-FILLED WHITE TRASH SCAB ON THE TINY DICK OF DONALD TRUMP’S HUMANITY.”

Hurst wrote another angry piece defending his comments about Sanders on Thursday titled, “Give Sarah Huckabee Sanders A Break? The F**k We Will.”

Hurst claimed that he would never support people making fun of Sanders’ appearance, writing, “Wonkette will be the first to call you dicks out for making fun of Sanders’s appearance. The only fair criticism on that front is that SHE WEARS TABLECLOTHS TO WORK.”

Nonetheless, he continued to bash her southern roots and said she sounds like she fell off a “turnip truck.”

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