Dem Senator: Kushner Shouldn’t Have Security Clearance Anymore [VIDEO]

Markey CNN screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor

Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey said Friday that Jared Kushner should have his security clearance taken away after the Flynn charges.


Sen. Markey, appearing on CNN, said, “If CNN’s reporting is accurate… Jared Kushner should no longer have a security clearance. We need to have a full investigation of this issue as well.” (RELATED: BREAKING: Michael Flynn Charged With Making False Statements To The FBI)

“We know, obviously, that Jared Kushner now had information, was talking to the Russians and we need now to further probe this. We have now pierced into the inner circle of Donald Trump’s advisor–including his son-in-law. It doesn’t get any closer than that to the president. So, it’s time now for Bob Mueller and congressional committees to ask the questions that the American people want the answer to,” he added. (RELATED: White House Plays Down Importance Of Flynn Guilty Plea)

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