Down Syndrome Woman Receives Miss USA Character Award On ‘Double Take’

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter

Despite calls to reduce the rate of Down syndrome by aborting babies that show signs of having such genetic alteration, Mikayla Holmgren, a 22-year-old woman with Down syndrome, won a character award from Miss USA. That and more in the ridiculous world of modern feminism on “Double Take.”


Geraldo Rivera had a ridiculous statement on Twitter regarding allegations of sexual misconduct against Matt Lauer:

Lauren Duca tweeted that she is in favor of eliminating all men in the world, especially from TV and the White House.

A woman with Down syndrome in Minnesota, 22-year-old Mikayla Holmgren, participated in a state pageant and received the Spirit of Miss USA award. She is staunchly pro-life and is showing that all lives are valuable. A few months ago, CBS tweeted:

But women like Holmgren are proving that they, along with all unborn children, are worthy of having life.

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